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Thank you for purchasing the CommView software package. Our Development and
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Key information is provided at the following links about recent product changes and
enhancements. Please read through this document in its entirety before you begin using your installed or upgraded CommView.

System Requirements
What You Can Expect
Site Prep / Installation
Site Info and Extension List
Online Tutorial

@Comm's CommView Options:

CommView Single User - All reporting is performed on the host PC/Server as a Windows application.

CommView Multi User * - Browser-based reporting module (multiple users) supplements the Windows application to securely extend reporting beyond the admin desktop.

CommView Web – An @Comm hosted service that provides secure reporting access via browser without the local hardware and administrative requirements.

* @Comm recommends end-users to set up a SSL if they need to meet secure connection requirements.

For assistance with system operation, administration or troubleshooting, please contact @Comm support.

Request Support
(603) 628-3000


Server Requirements

Operating System:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2

  • Windows Server 2008 R2*

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 8.1

  • Windows 7 Professional*


Configuration Requirements:

  • SMTP, HTTP and FTP protocol support and relevant settings 

  • Administrator login access with UAC disabled

  • Ability to connect via remote access (GoToAssist or VPN) is required

Hardware Requirements:

  • Dual Core Pentium Processor or greater (multi core processor improves performance)

  • 4GB RAM or higher (8GB RAM improves performance significantly)

  • 50GB Hard Drive (100GB for optimal storage & reporting speed)

  • 20% or more free disk space (Estimate 100MB disk space required per 100,000 calls stored)

  • Virtual machine technology is perfectly acceptable provided the environmental requirements are met.

Options & Considerations

  • CommView Multi User bundle includes WebReporter - Requires .NET Framework 4.0 and IIS 7

  • When choosing a virtual environment, IP-based polling must be implemented and it is recommended to assign a second processor at a minimum.

  • For configurations of >5,000 stations, a 2-CPU configuration is recommended to improve performance.

  • The most significant improvements in system performance can be gained by increasing the amount of RAM in the workstation/server running CommView.

  • COM Port(s) (Required if serial polling options is being used and/or serial PMS posting for hospitality)

  • For report users and administrators accessing via our Browser interface - Any Windows PC running a current browser from Microsoft, Mozilla or Google.  @Comm aims to maintain compatibility with the latest browser versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome

 * Not for new deployments. Installing/operating on OS past EOL is at your own risk due to absence of security patches


Download System Requirements

What You Can Expect

  1. @Comm sends email notification upon processing a new system order to customer & /or partner containing assigned ticket number and general pre-installation information.
  2. @Comm Support contacts customer &/or partner to review reporting objectives, discuss environmental considerations and summarize responsibilities of each party.
  3. A target date is set for software installation & database configuration with a review of how customer directory data will be provided (extension numbers with names, departments, etc.), desired call pricing, restrictions for self-service reporting, etc.

Site Prep / Installation

  1. Customer prepares Server/Workstation including configuring user login with administrator rights, disabling User Account Control and confirming internet access.
  2. Customer's PBX vendor prepares and provides SMDR/CDR access to Server/Workstation. Formats and protocols are PBX specific. When an external hardware buffer is part of the configuration, the partner or customer will make the physical connections.
  3. Customer contacts @Comm support on agreed upon installation date.
  4. Customer establishes remote access session from the Server/Workstation connecting @Comm Support to target.
  5. @Comm commences CommView software installation & configuration. Initial focus is on SMDR/CDR acquisition and interface refinement leading to proper processing.
  6. @Comm imports customer provided extension list from csv file, if in proper format.
  7. @Comm installs and configures WebReporter for customers who have purchased Multi-User (browser-based) reporting.
  8. @Comm and Customer set date for customer administrator and report user training.
  9. @Comm provides customer training on arranged date/time via remote access. Training takes approximately 2 hours based on number of sites and customer configuration requirements.

Site Info and Extension List

As an option, customers or partners can begin the data gathering process by downloading and completing a general template in Microsoft Excel.

For applications that have multiple data sources, or have a single data source that is parsed into different files based on geography or function, each site should be identified and have a site license.

Report sorting and filtering as well as user restrictions to subsets of call data is configured by using the organizational structure associated to an extension end point. This template provides suggestions on possible uses of the available levels. Contact @Comm Support for assistance with any questions.

If helpful, you can view the screen shots below. The images are "Site Info" and "Extension List" tabs with examples.

Avaya Call Accounting and Reporting Solution for Ayava, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, ShoreTel

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