May 23, 2018

@Comm® Offers the Next Generation Call Accounting and Reporting Solutions

 @Comm® Offers the Next Generation Call Accounting and Reporting Solutions


At Comm Corporation



At Comm Corporation 


MANCHESTER, N.H., May 23, 2018  


CommView Plus® is @Comm's latest generation Call Accounting and Reporting Solution! Built with the user in mind, our browser interface is simple to use and easy to navigate. CommView Plus is adaptable and performs in all types of verticals across all different types and sizes of businesses, organizations and agencies. CommView Plus, just like predecessors, works in harmony with any brand of PBX or VoIP solution providing CDR, including voice networks with multiple manufacturers and models. This server-based application solution functions either in a single site environment or can be setup across multiple locations while maintaining full functionality. CommView Plus delivers data and information seamlessly with near real-time speed!


CommView Cloud® is the cloud-based deployment option of @Comm's next generation Call Accounting and Reporting Solution! Our latest product addition is quick to deploy with a simple, low cost/low risk subscription model. CommView Cloud is a dynamic solution designed for all businesses, in all verticals and any organizational size. CommView Cloud functions seamlessly in a single location or with an organization with multiple locations and thousands of employees.


"We love working with @Comm!  Switching from an onsite, unsupported legacy PBX application provided a series of technical challenges but these showed the high level of support, the responsiveness and the transparency @Comm brings to the table.  CommView Cloud is so simple to use.  In addition to the scheduled Call Analytics reports that arrive in my inbox daily, I am able to login from anywhere to investigate call activity on-demand.  CommView Cloud gives us only what we need without the extra administration and expense."

- Carol Dore-Falcone, Palm Harbor Medical, Inc.


"When we set out to create our latest voice network reporting solutions, a simple-by-design approach, built upon easy navigation applicable to all users, was our primary consideration.  CommView Plus and CommView Cloud accomplish this as both offer simple on-demand and reliable automated reporting to bring employee performance & productivity metrics, telecom operating costs, and voice network security to the forefront.  Since you cannot manage what you cannot see, each CommView deployment option supplements our re-imagined report creation process, with a dashboard showing system status and call statistics as well as convenient administrative capabilities and much more! With solutions for all vertical markets, phone system manufacturers and our wide range of channel partners, @Comm truly is a one stop shop for all of your voice network reporting needs."

-David Cyr, Director of Sales


About At Comm Corporation

@Comm brings over 35 years of experience in designing, selling, and supporting a complete range of voice network tools for everyone from employees, to managers, to IT and Telecom experts.  Our solutions help reduce and control expenses, increase employee productivity, and improve telephone service quality by providing in-depth insights into how their PBX networks are actually being used. Additionally, our solutions help managers: stop fraud, detect telephone abuse and create audit trails for telephone-related security threats. Our solutions often pay for themselves within weeks of deployment. Our CommView Plus and CommView Cloud call accounting and reporting solutions provide high-level, powerful, yet easy to understand call activity analysis reports that meet the needs of all.




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