These FAQ's are designed to provide a better understanding of @Comm's call accounting solutions and offer technical tips. The information provided is basic, but covers some fairly complex topics.

If you have any questions about @Comm's products that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please email support@atcomm.com and we will be glad to help.

FAQs - General

Question: Can CommView Plus or CommView Cloud work on multiple phone systems?

Question: How many phone systems can CommView Plus or CommView Cloud support?

Question: Can CommView Plus work on a TDM PBX? How about an IP-PBX? Or both?

Question: How secure is CommView Cloud?

Question: How long does it take to get started with CommView Plus or CommView Cloud?

Question: How do I schedule reports to be delivered automatically?

Question: Can I get the summary reports with drill down to details on a scheduled report?

Question: Can CommView Plus or CommView Cloud report on my wireless calls?

Question: We have CommView Plus reporting on our TDM PBX and will be migrating to VoIP shortly, what should we do?

Question: Can I give department heads and others the ability to generate reports for their own departments?

Question: What are the reporting differences between CommView Plus and CommView Cloud?

Question: We only want to report on a couple of departments, what are our options with @Comm?

FAQs - Extension list

Question: Can CommView Plus or CommView Cloud retrieve updates to my extension list?

Question: Why am I seeing undefined extensions in my organization reports?

Question: Why do I need to add extensions into the database? Won’t the calls made from unlisted extensions be reported?

FAQs - Installation/Configuration

Question: Can I put CommView Plus or CommView Cloud on a virtual server?

FAQs - Hardware/Database Maintenance

Question: What are the hardware requirements for CommView Plus and CommView Cloud?

Question: My database is expanding, is that a problem?

Question: How can I tell if calls are being made by new extensions that have not been added to my extension list database?

Question: How often should I backup my database?