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At Comm Corporation, also known as @Comm, is a premier provider of Call Accounting Reporting systems, and cloud-based services. We have a rich history of designing products and services from the ground up with the End-User in mind. Crafting solutions in this way, results in reporting products that are rated among the most flexible, yet easy-to-use in the marketplace. Our products seamlessly capture PBX and IP PBX call activity data, regardless of brand, size, number of locations, and PBX technology mix. The ability to handle all of this certainly helps managers uncover critical usage trends for every employee, team, department, and company-wide organization.

@Comm brings over 30 years of experience in designing, selling, and supporting a complete range of voice network tools for everyone from employees, to managers, to IT and Telecom experts. Our products help reduce and control expenses, increase employee productivity, and improve telephone service quality by providing in-depth insights into how their PBX networks are actually being used. Additionally, our products help managers: stop fraud, detect telephone abuse and create audit trails for telephone-related security threats. Our products often pay for themselves within weeks of deployment. Our CommView Plus and CommView Cloud call accounting products provide high-level, powerful, yet easy to understand call activity analysis reports that meet the needs of all employees.

Avaya Call Accounting and Reporting Solution for Ayava, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, ShoreTel

Protect Your Network Against Phone Abuse...

"Criminals use brute-force techniques to hack private branch exchange
(PBX) systems to
place fraudulent,
calls; usually
These incidents, often targeting small or midsize businesses, have resulted in significant financial losses for some companies."

Cisco Security Report

Addressing PBX/IP-PBX Manufactured Product Challenges Today

Optimize Your Voice System

This white paper provides analysis, real-world insight and offers a solution to the current telephony and technology landscape as it pertains to the end customer. Download Whitepaper.
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