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The need for data that tells the "whole" story and the need for it to be right at a business manager’s fingertips is important for the flow of any organization or business.

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Making better informed business decisions is critical to the overall health of a business and we understand that having timely access to call data through an intuitive interface can be a key component. With our technology set in place, businesses can better manage their voice network and the people who use it. Our reporting products and services provide users with uniform reporting to help increase employee productivity, enhance telephone security, improve customer service, pinpoint abuse, recover costs and reduce operating expenses.


The user experience remains a cornerstone of our CommView Plus® solution.

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Highlighted by a browser-based interface with efficient navigation designed to present telephone usage data cleanly and crisply, CommView Plus is constructed for everyday use by both IT/Telecom managers and business managers alike. The CommView family of products have always been dedicated to taking call data out of the switch room and putting it directly onto the manager's desktop with ease. Our user interface does just that - helping to bring cost, performance, and security issues to the forefront. A business cannot manage what it cannot see. CommView Plus casts a light on things that sometimes go unnoticed. Within moments of logging in, useful reports can be generated with a few clicks of the mouse, providing management and staff a better understanding and visualization of call-flow data, staff performance, and possible security issues.


We Deliver Call Activity and Call Accounting Reporting functionality for virtually every PBX & IP-PBX System on the Market.

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Our solutions allow a business, enterprise, agency or organization to better optimize against the demands that are being set forth upon it. CommView Plus is refreshingly simple-by-design, allowing for practicality and manageability while remaining affordable. All of @Comm's products provide seamless integration with virtually all PBX and IP-PBX manufacturers rendering them ideal for both single site deployments as well as complex, multi-branded networks. To ensure ongoing compatibility in our evolving industry, @Comm actively participates in developer programs from all major manufacturers. With this in mind, it is clear that CommView Plus is designed to be as reliable as the PBX and IP PBX systems that it serves.


Our CommView Plus Dashboard provides voice network data in an efficient manner helping with the ability to visualize and identify potential trends to take action on.

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We have strategically assembled important system stats putting network information right up-front that is both accurate and useful. The user sees operating data in near real-time which accumulates throughout each day based on system use. With a design that is both clean and crisp, our dashboard is easy to understand and a snap to interpret visually. When credentialed users log onto the platform, our dashboard actually acts as their homepage which conveniently allows all application functionality to be accessed directly from this screen. Whether it is by the hour, day, week, or month, our dashboard delivers important information for a deeper voice network understanding when you need it.


CommView Plus helps businesses gain insight on Productivity, Security and Costs by presenting valuable voice network usage data in a manner that is accessible, intelligible, and actionable.

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Improved User Interface

Re-Imagined Report Creation

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There are many wonderful benefits of using CommView Plus as well as our other solutions!

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